Humidity Control Systems Commercial Applications

Hotels & Restaurants

Hospitals/Medical Environments

The benefits to the hotel and restaurant industry come under three main headings: 1. Energy Savings, 2. Reducing the Cost of Produce, 3. Health and Safety. For any restaurant to make a profit they are two main considerations apart from the staff to worry about and that is the cost of their raw material (their foodstuffs) and the energy required to...

Hospitals use Humidity Control Systems filters in a variety of ways. The refridgerators used to house the blood products and urine samples can give off foul odors leaving it at times very unpleasant for staff to work in these conditions. Humidity Control Systems can help to reduce foul odors in all refridgerators. Sometimes due to excess humidity the ink on the labels of the blood samples can...

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Flowers last twice as long in the coolers with Humidity Control Systems! The most dramatic results of our filters can be seen in the large florist wholesalers and the florist shops that buy in bulk and store their flowers in coolers. Freshly cut flowers have a very short life span and are a huge worry to try to keep fresh until they are sold...

Virtually all fruits and vegetables give off a natural gas called ethylene. This is a gas that starts the ripening cycle. Our Humidity Control Systems filters maintain ideal level of humidity and absorbing most of the ethylene produced by these fruits and vegetables will increase the shelf life of most fruits and vegetables much longer than...

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